About us

Camping “Kavatsite” is 1 km away from the town of Sozopol. Here you will find the true meaning of your summer vacation! We take care of the campign’s sites with great dedication and maintained each part to the last detail – the beach, bungalows, the hotel and the cozy dining placeson the shore. When you arrive here, you will be welcomed by a beautiful forest of poplars trees. In Turkish it means “kavak” and that’s how the campign sie got the name.

Our main goal is to preserve the Kavacite’s unique closeness to nature. At both ends of the coastline there are sea rocks suitable for underwater diving. The area of ​​the resort also includes the “Sand Lilly” reserve, where the plant grows in the wild.


Camping “Kavatsite” offers to its guests excellent conditions for rest andaccomodations, according to your preferences.
For the lovers of the real camping experience with caravans and tents, the Kavatsite terriory has separate areas with hedges. Each spot is detached and supplied with electricity and water.


Do you want to be close to the seas?

Enjoy beautiful views and a varied menu at our seafront restaurants:

• Pizzeria
• Fast food
• Fish and salad restaurant
• Restaurant with sea view
• Beach bar

The team, which maintains the completely the camping “Kavatsite”, will take care of your complete comfort during your holiday, and will offer you various entertainments for younger and older guests!


Holiday in nature.

Camping “Kavatsi” offers you many opportunities for your perfect holiday: from a carefree summer vacation among the few naturally preserved nature of the southern Black Sea coast to organized entertainment and outdoor activities. Our bungalows and the motel part are equipped with private bathrooms, and the tent, camper or caravans are located in the wooded area that surrounds the campsite.
Get to know the places of accommodation:


Blue horizons, sea waves. The beach is at your feet if you decide to stay at the Kavatsi Motel.





The bungalows offer privacy and beach views just like you are used to at your home.





Experience the adventure of the campsite. A unique sense of freedom, where the sea and the forest come together.



You want to book in “Kavatsite”?


Camping “Kavatsi” is located in the southern part of our Black Sea coast near the beautiful architectural and natural landmarks.