About Kavatsite

Camping “Kavatzite” is 1 km away from the town of Sozopol. Here you will find the true meaning of your summer vacation! We take care of the campign’s sites with great dedication and maintained each part to the last detail – the beach, bungalows, the hotel and the cozy dining placeson the shore. When you arrive here, you will be welcomed by a beautiful forest of poplars trees. In Turkish it means “kavak” and that’s how the campign sie got the name.


Close to nature

Our main goal is to preserve the Kavacite’s unique closeness to nature. At both ends of the coastline there are sea rocks suitable for underwater diving. The area of ​​the resort also includes the “Sand Lilly” reserve, where the plant grows in the wild.

A beach you can not forget

The magnificent beach of Kavatsite is located near the old road Sozopol – Dyuni. The favorable location and the incredible climatic conditions made the sand here extremely fine and irresistible summer gold! The wide and long strip is a great choice for beach fun, walks and takes you to the various parts of the area. The bottom of the sea also predisposes to carefree entertainment – equal, without stones and again with fine sand. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, choosing whether to sail in a guarded or unguarded area.

Retro memories

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