Group activities

Yoga by the sea

Balance your seaside vacation with yoga practices. Our outdoor activities are entrusted to professional yoga instructors. sessions take place on the terrace, which opens a wide view over the sea. Take advantage of the charging power on the seashore with breathing and meditation exercises. Meet the sunrises or send the sunsets. Connect with everything that happens in the body and mind. Yoga practices are a proven ancient system for maintaining physical and mental comfort.

Every Tuesday and Thursday
from 9:00

Animation for children

The summer break will not be boring for the youngest. Our animators have prepared many games and outdoor entertainments. They have developed an interesting program suitable for all age groups. Parties, group games, workshops. The fun and the children’ smiles do not stop at the Kavatsi campsite.

Every afternoon

DJ party with guest performer.

The sea without music is like an ice-free cocktail – you can not enjoy it all the way. That is why we will mark the end of each week with dances under the sounds of a professional DJ and live performances. Every week, a guest at Kavatsi Camp is a different star. With a dance step and hands in the air we look forward to the next performance!

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